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Powder spray coating technology is applied to the body of the euro grill lamp fixture to effectively prevent the lamp from rust, corrosion and fading. The euro grill lamp fixture can send out soft light as a result of the curve design, and it won't dazzle our global customers.

Our euro grill lamp fixture is equipped with SOK brand electronic or magnetic ballast. This extends our lamp's service and makes it operate in low noise.

Various thickness of lamp body is available, including 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and more. The standard thickness of lamp body without coating is 0.5mm.

The euro grill lamp fixture can be mounted on the surface of ceilings or walls, and extensively used in offices, meeting rooms, department stores, and more.

Technical Parameters of Euro Grill Lamp Fixture
Spec. Grill Shape Item No. Size L*W*H(mm) Packing Size Pcs/Ctn
2×20W V ES-220 696×319×68 700×345×160 2
2×40W V ES-340 1306×319×68 1320×345×160 2
3×20W V ES-320 696×427×68 700×460×160 2
3×40W V ES-140 1306×427×68 1320×460×160 2
4×20W V ES-420 696×640×68 700×565×160 2
4×40W V ES-440 1306×540×68 1320×565×160 2

Jinli is euro grill lamp fixture manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to grill lamp fixture, we also provide fluorescent lighting fixture, compact fluorescent lamp, down light, wall switch, and more.

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