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The T8 tube grill lamp fixture our company manufactured has various types for your choices, including embed mounted type, surface mounted type, plastic cover type (prismatic or opal), and euro type. Their detailed information is specified in the following text.

Features of Surface Mount Grill Lamp Fixture
1. The surface mount grill lamp fixture can be directly installed on concrete ceiling or wooden ceiling. It also can be suspended via hooks or chains.
2. Various thickness of lamp body is available, including 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and more. The standard thickness of lamp body without coating is 0.4mm.
3. Powder spray coating technology is applied to the body of the surface mount grill lamp fixture to effectively prevent the lamp from rust, corrosion and fading.
4. PBT Lamp holder, wires and accessories are made by fireproofing materials.
5. We offer various materials of the reflector of our surface mount grill lamp fixture. These materials could be imported/Chinese mirror reflecting aluminum, imported/Chinese matt reflecting aluminum, imported/Chinese stainless steel, and iron coated aluminum sheet. The standard reflector is Chinese mirror or matt reflecting aluminum.
6. The surface mount grill lamp fixture is widely applicable to offices, department stores, supermarkets, schools, and warehouses.

Technical Parameters of Surface Mount Grill Lamp Fixture
Spec. Grill Shape Item No. Size L*W*H (mm) Packing Size Pcs/Ctn
1×20W I DP-120-IM 613×183×95 640×390×210 4
V DP-120-VM
1×30W I DP-130-IM 913×183×95 945×390×210 4
V DP-130-VM
1×40W I DP-140-IM 1213×183×95 1250×390×210 4
V DP-140-VM
2×20W I DP-220-IM 613×298×80 640×310×180 2
V DP-220-VM
2×30W I DP-230-IM 913×298×80 945×310×180 2
V DP-230-VM
2×40W I DP-240-IM 1213×298×80 1250×310×180 2
V DP-240-VM
3×20W I DP-320-IM 613×298×80 640×625×180 2
V DP-320-VM
3×30W I DP-330-IM 913×298×80 945×625×180 2
V DP-330-VM
3×40W I DP-340-IM 1213×598×80 1250×625×180 2
V DP-340-VM
4×20W I DP-420-IM 613×598×80 640×625×180 2
V DP-420-VM
4×40W I DP-440-IM 1213×598×80 1250×625×180 2
V DP-440-VM

As a specialized surface mount grill lamp fixture manufacturer and supplier in China, at Jinli we also produce fluorescent lighting fixture, wall switch, compact fluorescent lamp and ceiling light, among others.

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